Lined Zipper Purse Tutorial

Here is my first tutorial. It is for a zippered purse that is lined.  Enjoy!

Cut 4 pieces of fabric the size of the purse that you want to make.  You will notice that I am using a piece of Laura Burch for the front and for the lining pieces.  I am using a piece of embroidered denim for the back.  My pieces are all 6″ x 7″.  Again, it does not matter what size the pieces are, obviously larger pieces, larger bag.  Just make sure you have a zipper that is big enough. (I used a 7″ zipper). 

The first step is to press down 1/4″ on all pieces. (Sorry I don’t have a picture of this, but it is for attaching the zipper.)

Next, pin the front and back to opposite sides of the zipper, the zipper should be facing up.

Before you sew, carefully pin the two lining pieces to the opposite side of the zipper. So now your fabric will be wrong sides together as it is pinned to the zipper. I sew this in one step, but you could do it in two.

As you sew these pieces onto the zipper, keep checking the piece underneath, so that it is attached in the correct place and is not moving.

Do this to both sides of the zipper. Now you have the beginning of your purse. Next turn the pieces so that they are right sides together, so that you can sew the side seams. Make sure that the zipper is at least halfway open before sewing the side seams.

As you sew the side seams be careful as you sew through the zipper it will be thick. 

 Now sew the bottom edge of the purse, for me this was the denim and the piece of Laura Burch fabric, leaving the other end open.

 Clip the corners on the bottom edge.


From the edge that you left open, you can now turn the purse. 

The edge that is open can now be stitched closed.  Turn the raw edges to the inside and machine stitch this edge closed.

 Almost done!

Tuck the lining into the purse and you are done. 

Quick and easy zippered purse! I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial, any and all comments welcome.  Thanks! 

2 responses to “Lined Zipper Purse Tutorial

  1. Awesome tutorial! Quick, easy, simple to understand. Thank you!!

  2. thank you….I have a group of 30 women sewing and I messed up big time on the lined bag with a zipper….for the life of me I could not remember how to put in the zipper…should have read your turtorial first…..

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