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I guess tea is a good place to start!

I say that tea is always a good idea.  So here is some tea while I put a blog plan together.  Please pour yourself some and come back often and stay awhile.





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It’s me!

So you probably thought I feel off the face of the earth! I guess in a way I did.  I guess I fell off the face fo the blogging world.  But I am back and it is still me or an older hopefully wiser me.  Many things in my life have changed and many things have stayed the same.  What has stayed the same is my home and family and for that I truly thankful.  What has changed so much is technology and that I am excited about.  Something you may not know about me is how much I love technology.  I love to craft and I love to sew and take pictures and knit and crochet but I also love technology.  I am currently using my daughter’s ipad, my husband’s apply wireless keyboard, I check the time on my Apple Watch and I use a wonderful Samsung Camera (if Apple had one I would have that too, I am an Apple person) to take my pictures. I am blessed to have so much techology at my fingertips.


Anyway, as I make a comeback into the blogging world I will share what I work on, what I love and all things in between.  Although my blog is called “My Sew Called Life” it is not only about sewing as you will soon see.  I will also be throwing in more technology as I go.  I hope you stick around and I hope you enjoy!





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Fall Back!!

So we turned the clocks back this morning and although I dread the evenings coming to end earlier and earlier, and I am not a fan of cold weather (hence I live in SoCal), I do enjoy many things about Fall.  I especially love that I can once again start using my oven(we live in a house without air conditioning((oh it is equipped and for $8,000 it could work, let’s not go there!)) so I don’t use the oven in warm weather) and I do enjoy comfort foods.  I also enjoy the smell of the season, spices and such.  The other thing I also enjoy is laying in my nice warm bed and reading a book, not something I get to do often.

Speaking of my bed, now that it is Fall I can break out my Fall pillowcases (if you know me, you know I love making and using my themed pillowcases.  So I thought I would share a picture with you!!

Jacquie's Projects 005

Jacquie's Projects 001

Jacquie's Projects 002

Jacquie's Projects 003

Happy Fall!!



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Another Project done!

I seem to be getting stuff done!! Yeah for me!!!  So today is full of lots to do! Laundry, sewing, crocheting and visiting my friend’s new store ( I will post pictures of that soon).  But for today I am posting pictures of another project that I recently finished!!  This is a Lion Brand Project, made with Vanna’s Choice Yarn.  It was really easy and lots of fun.  It is lap size!!



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There is a chill in the air!!

I have been away from my blog for far too long.  Where have I been you ask? Now where worth talking about!!  To celebrate my return I thought I would post some pictures of my latest project.  I hope you like!!



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Sunday Tea Time!

So it is a pretty dreary day here in usually sunny SoCal, but A was able to snap this picture yesterday while the sun was shinning

1-27-08 002

One of the great things about living where we do is that we are less than an hour from the snow in the winter and a little over an hour away from the beach in the summer. This shot is of the local mountains covered in snow.  I dislike cold weather, I am much happier when it is warm, but I am able to appreciate my beautiful surroundings.  Because it is cold and rainy today I decided to bake, here is a shot of the Orange Blueberry loaf that I baked this morning.

1-27-08 003

It was perfect at tea time. This shot is of my wedding china (that never gets used), but it is so pretty that sometimes I indulge myself and use it.

1-27-08 010

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Check me out!

So I entered an embroidery contest on ~My Little Sewing Blog~ check out my entry!

Also, I am so sad 😦  I finished my book –

book cover

Oh, but fear not, I have started a new one –

Cover Image

I read most of these as a teenager (requirements for High School English) but in honor of PBS’s Masterpiece Theater (they are showing adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels over the following Sundays, they have already shown Persuasion and Nothanger Abbey, this week is Mansfield Park, I am taping them all!), I thought I would reread them.  I am having such a great time and enjoying them immensely. Oh well, off to my quilting class! Tell you about that later!

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