Cat Bed Tutorial

So here is my tutorial for a quick easy and inexpensive cat bed~

What you will need:

A box, a piece of fabric, I think this piece was a little over a yard and an old pillow or stuffing. (and your sewing supplies)

First measure all around the outside of the box and the depth:

Cut a piece of fabric that is an inch bigger than the width measurement and an inch bigger than the depth measurement times two.  You want the fabric to fit over the sides of the inside and outside of the box.  The depth of my box was 7″ so I cut the fabric 15″ wide.  The measurement all the way around my box was 51″. Therefore the strip of fabric I cut was 52″ x 15″.  If you fabric is not long enough you can always join it.

Now sew a hem on all sides of the fabric, I just turned the fabric twice and stitched:



Fold this piece of fabric lengthwise(with wrong sides together) so that it measure 1/4″ more than the depth of the box, sew a 1/4″ seam to the top. This step is not necessary but I think it gives it a nice look.

At this point I ironed my piece and then place it over the sides of the box. It will over lap at one point which is fine. How it looks for the inside is not important, it is the outside, here is mine:

Now I took the old pillow I had and cut it in half, like I said earlier you don’t have to use an old pillow, it is just that this one was headed for the trash and I though why not use it here, you could make your own pillow and stuff it for this part.  If you are going to use an old pillow like I did be prepared that it was not easy to cut, you need to have strong hands and good scissors. My Gingher’s were up for the task.

I will save the other half for another project. Now all I did was to sew a piece of fabric around the outside of this stuffing.  I did not make if fancy. I sewed all the way around with the stuffing in the center and then just used my pinking shears around the edges, it does not need to be fancy.

So here is the finished product:

Angel is not quite sure, but I am sure will come to love it!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, be sure to let me know if you have any questions and you are welcome  to link to me, let me know if you do.



3 responses to “Cat Bed Tutorial

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  2. Borrowed Abode

    Love it! What a great and easy way to make a cute little cat bed!

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