It’s me!

So you probably thought I feel off the face of the earth! I guess in a way I did.  I guess I fell off the face fo the blogging world.  But I am back and it is still me or an older hopefully wiser me.  Many things in my life have changed and many things have stayed the same.  What has stayed the same is my home and family and for that I truly thankful.  What has changed so much is technology and that I am excited about.  Something you may not know about me is how much I love technology.  I love to craft and I love to sew and take pictures and knit and crochet but I also love technology.  I am currently using my daughter’s ipad, my husband’s apply wireless keyboard, I check the time on my Apple Watch and I use a wonderful Samsung Camera (if Apple had one I would have that too, I am an Apple person) to take my pictures. I am blessed to have so much techology at my fingertips.


Anyway, as I make a comeback into the blogging world I will share what I work on, what I love and all things in between.  Although my blog is called “My Sew Called Life” it is not only about sewing as you will soon see.  I will also be throwing in more technology as I go.  I hope you stick around and I hope you enjoy!






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