Welcome Back!

So here I am again.  I guess I can not stay away.  I love reading other people’s blogs and having one of my own.  I guess that is why I am back.  I had a tough year last year and did not feel like I could give anything to the blogging community.  I am very happy to put 2010 behind me and welcome a new year.  I am excited about 2011!  It too is going to be a challenging year but these are challenging times for many. 

Although I have been away from blogging I have not been away from creating.  I am doing a lot of knitting and crocheting right now.  I find it very therapeutic.  I joke that it is cheaper than therapy! But it is actually not a joke, it is real.  Anyway, thanks for following and being patient with me as I make my way back into the blogging community.  My blog will focus on my creations as well as my ramblings.  I hope that you enjoy.


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