Another Saturday has pretty much come and gone! ( I actually took the pictures above at the end of last Saturday but have not had time to post them)

Good news, I got a job, I start on Tuesday!  It will be good to be employed again, until I figure out how to be independently wealthy.

So I finished up a couple of things I was working on:

So I make baby hats because I really enjoy knitting in the round, and I don’t (yet) have a passion for making socks.  But I don’t really have anything I can do with all these hats.  So, I decided that I would donate them to the local county hospital, maybe some of the babies there that don’t have much would enjoy them.  I am going to look into that in the next week or two.

Here is the progress on my second purse from the Happy Hooker book:

I need to sew the lining for the inside and figure out some embellishments for the outside.

I have only recently picked up my crochet hook and knitting needles once again and had forgotten how much I love them.  I seem to go back and forth with them and my sewing machines (yes, I own more than one!).  Anyway, lately I feel the urge to push my knitting and crocheting abilities beyond the afghans and hats. I would like to try some more complicated patterns.  So I am on the hunt.  But in the meantime my husband’s family and I decided that if any adult gifts were to be exchanged they must be handmade.  I got some work to do!!


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