Sunday Tea Time!

So it is a pretty dreary day here in usually sunny SoCal, but A was able to snap this picture yesterday while the sun was shinning

1-27-08 002

One of the great things about living where we do is that we are less than an hour from the snow in the winter and a little over an hour away from the beach in the summer. This shot is of the local mountains covered in snow.  I dislike cold weather, I am much happier when it is warm, but I am able to appreciate my beautiful surroundings.  Because it is cold and rainy today I decided to bake, here is a shot of the Orange Blueberry loaf that I baked this morning.

1-27-08 003

It was perfect at tea time. This shot is of my wedding china (that never gets used), but it is so pretty that sometimes I indulge myself and use it.

1-27-08 010


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  1. The view from the 405 last week was like that – but I missed my chance to snap a picture. Thanks for your comment on my blog – it’s nice to hear from a local! I’ve been wondering how long I’ll have to live here before I’ll consider it truly home.

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