The world at my fingertips!

So here is today’s project. Something that I had promised to make A before Christmas.

World Pillow 001

I purchased it as a panel at my local quilt store.

World Pillow 002

And it slowly came together today as a pillow of the world.

World Pillow 003

World Pillow 004

World Pillow 005

It goes along nicely with the travel theme in her room. She is my little world traveler. 

World Pillow 006

Here is where I was born, Zimbabwe Africa.

World Pillow 007

Here is where I now live, Southern California, USA!

World Pillow 009

So, here is the finished product, I put it in her room as a surprise for when she comes home from school.  She loved it, said it was nice and full.

Check another project off my list!


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One response to “The world at my fingertips!

  1. cookiesunshine

    This is such a great project! I really like the way that you presented it.

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