Christmas Cheer

Well, I am still sewing away.  Lots to do, and not much time left.  Here is a picture of the notebook covers that I am making for A to give her friends as gifts (all 16 of them!). 

I also took some time out of my busy day to play a little joke on my siblings.  Hehehehe.  I told them that there would be no Christmas Pudding this year, as my mother had dropped it all of the floor.  Don’t worry, my dear brothers and sisters, although she has not made it yet, I am sure it will be as tasty as ever!

One year my mother did actually drop it on the floor and we did not have it that year.  There were 7 very sad little kittens (I mean adults, that fight over the size of the portions that are dished up for them.  You could probably only understand this if you are of English descent and grew up with steamed pudding, which is our house is worth more that gold). Enjoy!


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