What a productive day!

Yeah!  I accomplished so much today in the way of sewing and crafting.  I finished my Advent Calendar.  I just have to purchase a rod to hang it up, but here it is with my daughter holding it up.

I also made another notebook cover and embroidered my daughter’s name on the front.  Oh, did I mention that I have an embroidery machine and that I love to embroider? Well, I do.  I also added a ribbon for a bookmark and a piece of elastic in the front for a pen holder.

I also made myself a pair of earrings.  Oh, did I mention that my daughter and I like to make things with beads? Well, we do! 

And, then I made an angel cell phone charm~

Amanda made this necklace ~

It turned out so cute.  We had some great quality time this evening beading and chatting.  I love to connect with her, these years (middle school) it is so important to stay connected to your kids.  They have so many other outside influences!  Anywhoooo, I had a great day!  Besides the fact that I am accomplishing a ton, I am having fun doing it.  The notebook covers and the cell phone charms are examples for me to use this Sunday.  My sister and I and the kids (her 3, my 1) are having a “kids craft day”.  Basically, the kids are going to make Christmas presents for their friends and teachers.  They are excited.  That is all for today, if I don’t go get some sleep I will fall over in my chair.  Bye~


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One response to “What a productive day!

  1. Liberty

    loooove your notebook covers! I wish I had an embroidery machine!

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