Ok, so my Advent is getting off to a somewhat rocky start.  I am behind!!  What else is new.  I went to Joann’s this weekend to purchase an Advent Wreath (don’t know where mine is!) and they don’t sell them anymore.  What is up with that.  So on to plan B.  I purchased a wreath and some Advent Candles (they had those, go figure) and I am making my own.  Well, that was until I got home and realized that I don’t have enough candle holders.  So I currently have half an Advent Wreath.

I will have to get the other holders today.  Then I have not finished my Advent Calender.  It is really cute.  I got the panel from my local craft store, I just need to get it put together.  That is what I will be doing tonight.  Hopefully when I blog tomorrow, I will have finished projects to share.


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