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My First Comment!

I have not been blogging very long and there is still so much to learn.  I did receive my first comment! I am so excited.  My first comment was from Lori .  Lori will be getting a gift from me (can’t tell you what it is, she loves surprises). Lori has also agreed to be my blog mentor/helper.  I am really thrilled to have someone in the community to help me out.  Thanks again Lori.


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The Smells of Christmas

I should be sewing but I am not feeling 100%.  Trying to fight off a cold and this afternoon the cold is winning.  I did spend the morning helping my mother make the Christmas Pudding and the Christmas Cake.  These are old family recipes that are only made at Christmas time (hence the names) and when missing at this time of the year it is not the same.  The Christmas pudding is a steamed pudding (both recipes are very English) and is an acquired taste that if you did not grow up with you may not appreciate.  It is steamed and then brandy is poured on it and it is lit before serving.  You eat is warm with vanilla ice cream, I love it.  Then we made the Christmas Cake which is a fruit cake, but not like the ones that are always made fun of at this time of the year.  It is really great, especially with a cup of tea.  Here are some pictures of us making these treats.  Check out the mixer in the background, it is from Africa, it was my grandmothers and does not run on 110v it requires the use of a transformer (also in the background).  My mom figured out that she gave that mixer to my grandmother in 1959 as a gift.  My grandmother was probably smiling down from heaven as she watched us today.  Thanks Granny, Merry Christmas!

Pudding steaming away!
My mom starting the cake.
Check out the transformer!
Cake going into the oven! It smells so great as it bakes! Well it bakes for a couple of hours, so I will have to show the finished product in another post. Let me see if I can get back to sewing!

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The Home Stretch

Well, I guess we are in the home stretch toward Christmas Day.  I am still working away on my little projects.  I still have much to do.  I did finish four pillowcases for my mother-in-law.  I love to make pillowcases.  After Christmas I am going to put together a tutorial on making pillowcases (I have a set for many of the seasons and hope to have a set for every season here in a few weeks.)

I also made a small purse for my mother-in-law, she loves to purses inside her purse.  This was fashioned after a change purse I saw sewmamasew’s blog.  I made it larger and I will wrap it up with a giftcard inside.  She loves Mary Engelbriet (sp?) so that is the fabric on the front, the back is denim with embroidered cherries and the lining inside is black with colorful ladybugs.  I had a lot of fun making this and hope to make many more.
Well, I still have many more things to do, so back to work for me.


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Christmas Cheer

Well, I am still sewing away.  Lots to do, and not much time left.  Here is a picture of the notebook covers that I am making for A to give her friends as gifts (all 16 of them!). 

I also took some time out of my busy day to play a little joke on my siblings.  Hehehehe.  I told them that there would be no Christmas Pudding this year, as my mother had dropped it all of the floor.  Don’t worry, my dear brothers and sisters, although she has not made it yet, I am sure it will be as tasty as ever!

One year my mother did actually drop it on the floor and we did not have it that year.  There were 7 very sad little kittens (I mean adults, that fight over the size of the portions that are dished up for them.  You could probably only understand this if you are of English descent and grew up with steamed pudding, which is our house is worth more that gold). Enjoy!

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Disneyland in December!?!?

Yes, we must be a little crazy going to Disneyland in December, but we were given 2 free tickets, which meant that we only had to buy one.  It is extremely expensive to go to The Big D (as we used to call it when A was small), so when you are given tickets you take them.  We only went for half a day as A had school and the tickets where only good on Friday.  We had a good time and actually got onto a few rides.  But by 9:30 the park was packed (and I mean packed) in anticipation of the fireworks show.  The show started at 9:30 and ended at 9:35pm. Unfortunately due to high winds (personally could not see or feel any wind) they had to cancel the rest of the show.  At that point we were tired and did not want to fight the crowds anymore.  It was nice to see the park all decorated for Christmas and all in all we had a good time.

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I’m still here!

No, I have not forgotten about posting to my blog, I just feel like if I don’t have a picture I should not post.  I know, kinda silly.  Our “kids craft day” on Sunday went really well.  It was a day that the kids get some time to put together handmade gifts for their friends.  We had 7 kids (My older sister’s 3, my younger sister’s 3 and my 1).  We made over 20 notebook covers.  They turned out really cute, but there are many more to make.  The idea was for the kids to each make 2 or 3, well it turns out that they have lots of friends and each wanted to make between 9 and 13.  Needless to say we did not finish.  Now I will have to finish my daughters with her or while she is in school.  Another project to add to the list.  And the list is long.  I do have 7 gifts made and wrapped.  Many more to go, so back to work for me…..  Happy crafting or shopping!!!

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What a productive day!

Yeah!  I accomplished so much today in the way of sewing and crafting.  I finished my Advent Calendar.  I just have to purchase a rod to hang it up, but here it is with my daughter holding it up.

I also made another notebook cover and embroidered my daughter’s name on the front.  Oh, did I mention that I have an embroidery machine and that I love to embroider? Well, I do.  I also added a ribbon for a bookmark and a piece of elastic in the front for a pen holder.

I also made myself a pair of earrings.  Oh, did I mention that my daughter and I like to make things with beads? Well, we do! 

And, then I made an angel cell phone charm~

Amanda made this necklace ~

It turned out so cute.  We had some great quality time this evening beading and chatting.  I love to connect with her, these years (middle school) it is so important to stay connected to your kids.  They have so many other outside influences!  Anywhoooo, I had a great day!  Besides the fact that I am accomplishing a ton, I am having fun doing it.  The notebook covers and the cell phone charms are examples for me to use this Sunday.  My sister and I and the kids (her 3, my 1) are having a “kids craft day”.  Basically, the kids are going to make Christmas presents for their friends and teachers.  They are excited.  That is all for today, if I don’t go get some sleep I will fall over in my chair.  Bye~

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