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Did I mention, I have a problem?

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem!  Actually, I don’t think there is any recovery needed, I like my addiction.  I love pens and pencils, ok, actually I also love notebooks, journals, diaries, purses, fabric. . . .  ok, ok, the list is long.  Yesterday, my girlfriend called me and said that the Office Depot near us was going out of business and that everything was 75% off.  For an addict (like me) this is great news.  So my daughter and I ran over there, intending on getting a couple of things.  We had a blast.  I did not get a picture of everything we bought (that would be embarrassing), no instead a took a picture of some (ok, about 1/4) of the pens we bought, did I mention I love pens?

I spent $40.00, but the women stated that I had saved $122.00.  Wow, that is crazy.  We did get things other than just pens and pencils, there were post-it notes, and notebooks etc. 

Ok, so enough about one of my many addictions back to sewing.  I made the following notebook cover using the tutorial from Craft Apple. I did not do it as a patchwork as she has shown, I made it just a simple cover.


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